The Trucking Simulator SnowRunner Will Have Mod Support At Launch

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be an ice trucker – putting your life on the line to deliver important goods to various locations around the world – then SnowRunner is the game for you. It is one of the most realistic truck simulators to date, with snowy streets, icy obstacles and nonstop trucking action.

The action begins next week (April 28) on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Before its release, however, interested spectators were treated to many details and revelations. It was recently revealed that SnowRunner received mod support at launch.The Trucking Simulator SnowRunner Will Have Mod Support At Launch

In fact, developer Saber Interactive partners with the modding community to make sure their user-created content runs smoothly. The developer plans to select a handful of modders out of the door to help create unique mods that go on the platform.

This has always been a brilliant aspect of MudRunner. The community had a lot to play with personalized vehicles and missions. It will be the same in SnowRunner and it is definitely worth celebrating.

Once they are satisfied with the base game or just want some diversity in the gameplay, they can head over to and see what new content there is. The mods will be updated regularly and will certainly pose challenges to ice truckers who are looking for more difficulty and novelty.