Southern Charm Starts Filming — Thomas

After several delays, Season Seven of Southern Charm has finally started filming. And someone who’s not even in the series is still causing drama.

Bravo’s southern royalty faced a huge problem when its main troublemaker, Thomas Ravenel, left the series. Between the lack of direct drama he brings and the stop he made so that the producers could include his old quarrel with little mom Kathryn Dennis – there was clearly something missing in the last episode.

Shep Rose entered the open position as a resident bad boy when he took his rivalry with Madison LeCroy to new heights. Southern Charm Starts Filming — Thomas Ravenel Calls Patricia Altschul A ‘W****’ From Sarasota Florida

Now that the series has started filming, the gang is back and so far, it seems Shep and Madison are getting along. Meanwhile, Madison and Austen Kroll are doing well.

Another dull feud was between Danni Baird and Kathryn who put their dispute aside and got together.

Naomi Olindo seems to be even more in love with her beauty while Craig Conover is busy with his sewing business which has grown almost overnight.

Whitney Sudler-Smith was essentially MIA for most of the season, while denying for “legal reasons” that he had met Dennis – again.

Patricia Altschul continued to be everyone’s favorite southern beauty.

Thomas, who insisted he won’t be back next time despite claiming to have been interviewed, left Pat on Twitter via post-and-delete.

The tweet said, “Nobody of quality would make these shoes [sic]. I did it to honor a pledge to Whitney only to get f ***** by his damn mother who happens to be where I am from