Nina Dobrev Says Taylor Swift Was Nearly

Taylor Swift was apparently almost part of one of her favorite TV shows – The Vampire Diaries! This is what Nina Dobrev, who played Elena in the series, revealed when she appeared in “Pop in the Morning”.

According to the actress, the producers of the series tried to write a role for Taylor and she was very close to joining the cast!

There is no doubt that fans would have loved to see this appearance!

What’s more, it’s no secret that even though Taylor is most famous for her music, she has some acting experience on her belt and is really good at it too!

Beloved fantasy, the vampire series ran from 2009 to 2017 and has many diehard fans even today.

That said, the actress was asked if she had heard of any surprising fans.
Nina Dobrev Says Taylor Swift Was Nearly Part Of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Cast!
It was then that she revealed the whole story of Taylor Swift!

“I remember at the very beginning, we heard that Taylor Swift was a fan of the series.”

Shortly after discovering this, the team behind the CW series hurried to plan a role for the superstar singer.

As it was at the very beginning of The Vampire Diaries, the show could have been very different today if Taylor had really joined the cast.

Nina shared that “the producers tried to write a role for her. It didn’t work on the schedule, obviously, it was not on the series. But it was surprising! ”

Hearing this, one of the hosts of Pop In The Morning argued that it might be for the best and gave the example of Ed Sheeran on Game Of Thrones.

After all, many fans of the series thought that s