Surgical Hair Restoration – Cost Involved

Going bald is no fun. I should know, it started happening to me when I was in my mid twenties. Your social life can be negatively impacted as can your professional life because of a loss of self confidence. For those who have tried and failed in the past to reverse the hair loss process, surgery may seem like the last option. However, when it comes to surgical hair restoration, cost can be overwhelming for many.

The first place to start when researching the cost of hair restoration surgery are the clinics that offer free consultations. You should know going in, thought, that all they can offer you is an estimate. The finalized cost involved for the surgery depends on the specific case of the individual.

Expect to pay about three to five dollars per graft. Most cases require over a thousand grafts in total. Therefore, expect to pay a minimum of three to five thousand dollars. It is not uncommon for a significant amount of grafts to need re-doing. Obviously, there is no way to tell how many procedures you will require ahead of time.If you liked this posting and you would like to acquire far more data regarding Hair Transplant Success kindly pay a visit to our own site.

Because the procedure is considered cosmetic, surgical hair restoration costs are rarely covered by insurance. You will most likely have to pay out of pocket. When researching price, do not forget to add incidental charges on top of the charges for the surgery itself. You will have to travel to the clinic often, doctors will charge you for pre and post surgery visits, and there are costs involved with post surgery procedures that must be performed.

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