J-WATER’s dedication

JWATER FILTER INDONESIA is a nationwide private firm engaged in drinking water filter. With the development of normal water treatment organization in Philippines, since 98 we concentrate on providing companies filter air offerings for drinking water treatment and drinking water allowing for markets through Indonesia. Presently we are positioned in Jakarta (Head Office) and Cab. Surabaya (Branch Office) as establishments and structure standard oprasional. Efforts to further improve and enhance according to the needs of global circumstances is an example of J-WATER’s dedication in every of their work to learn a strategic position in the business marketplace. J-WATER works on the solid foundation in vision and mission by making use of Good Collaborative Governance according to global ideal practice specifications, and by working on corporate standards that are bought and appreciated that by each and every one elements: Tidy, Competitive, Self-confident, Customer-focused, and Commercial.

J-WATER establishes five values that could be the following suggestions:

CLEAN — Professionally was able, avoiding issues of interest, preserving trust and integrity. Well guided by the guidelines of good collaborative governance.
COMPETITIVE – Have the ability to compete on the regional or perhaps international basis, foster progress, build a price conscious lifestyle and recompense performance.
CONFIDENT – Engage in national economical development and make national pleasure.
CUSTOMER FOCUS — Customer-oriented and committed to rendering the best in order to customers.
COMMERCIAL – Build value added using a commercial direction, make decisions based on audio business ideas.

Being private provider no you in Philippines is a trustworthy water filtration system and qualified to compete across the country and around the globe.

Rendering water treatment services focused to client satisfaction supported by skilled human resources, arranged equipment and cutting-edge strategies

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